Poem: My Father is a King

Written by empressjournee

Poem: My Father is a King

Photo credit:  Ashton Mullins

I was told, my daddy is a King that I should not worry,

Because I am blessed, just worship him:

During the good times, bad times, there is no me, without HIM;

Hold my head high, even if it seems, I was not chosen,

To wear a sacred golden ring:

I must remember, the cross, he is working out all things;

I am sealed by his love and will have a place at his seat,

When it is the time to meet HIM:

I was told I was beautifully formed, in my mother’s womb;

That greatness lies in me, and in God’s word there is no deceit,

That I am wealthy & free, brought with a prize, by the blood of Jesus Christ who beholds me:

That every tear drops fall, my comforter sees, and will forever stand by me:

So I walk bold, gentle, strong, into my destiny, even if I or no one can see

—the many grand things, that he has prepared, lay out, just for me:

I am a diamond—rare, royal, irreplaceable; I am unique, this I told myself every day,

I remember love beholds me; So I pray to HIM, speak life, this promise over me, my love ones,

And the few who eyes behold HIM,—with the approval of God, I am unstoppable, unbreakable,

Because he loves, has blessed, save me: He is my Victorious, Wonderful, Awesome daddy, my blessed King!

Empress Journee








About the author


I was born in Jamaica West Indies, immigrated to the United States of America at the tender age of ten. I've had the great privilege as an uprising reggae singer to perform as an open act for various great singers like Dennis Brown, Calypso Rose and others I admired. I also had the great opportunity to meet Dr. Bettye Shabazz and other great leaders. Because of my divine supreme using giants and various people to help develop within and allowed the higher God consciousness of my mind to see the greatness and love in me. I consider myself a wildflower, singer, poet, writer, and a great performer. I am working on strengthening all areas of my spiritual gifts. Peace and Blessings!