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Pretty in Pink…What do you do when your son wants to look like a girl

In this J Crew Ad the mother paints her son toenails pink. I do not think she cares whether or not her son turns out gay or transgendered. Not to mention Does it really matter? after all, nail polish on a little boy toes does not indicate that he is going to turn out gay.  Should that be the mentality of a mother? Today is a new day and age and I think beauty has no boundaries   anymore.  It makes me wonder if I would react if my young son was to put on lipstick.  Back in the days in Jamaica that would have been unacceptable. Today in Jamaica, I’m not sure if there are transgendered men but there are definitely gay boys and lesbian girls.  I can hear my Grand Uncle in the back of my mind now… “dem a go a h’ell”. But that’s old school.    Should it even matter anymore about gender?  Look at some of the lesbian high school girls.  They dress like boys with the baggy pants, polo shirts and hats.  Should all of this be acceptable?

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