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Preventing Diaper Rash

I saw the article below in the Jamaica Observer  but my son has never had diaper rash and I find what works is regular diaper change with a good clean up with some baby wipes plus some desitin (there is the desitin clear that looks like vaseline and the other creamy one I use the clear). Now that he is older I use vaseline.  Read below:

DIAPER rash is a mother’s worst nightmare — it can strike even in situations where mother tries to be especially careful about keeping baby dry.

Powders like Ammens medicated powder provides protection against diaper rash and chafing.

Ammens is specially designed for baby’s sensitive skin, and “comforts and deodorises baby’s sensitive skin longer than plain powder”, the company said.

It also prevents diaper rash, wetness and chafing and helps heal minor skin irritation, burns and scratches.

“Preventing diaper rash means keeping your baby’s diaper area, clean, cool and dry. The baby’s diaper must be changed often and whenever possible, you can let the baby go diaper free, allowing their skin to breathe and the air to dry his or her skin,” they added.

They suggest:

* When you wash your baby in preparation for a diaper change, do so with plain warm — not hot — water and a mild soap, which is optional.

*Always allow your baby’s skin to dry completely before putting on another diaper.

*Lightly apply a mist of Ammens powder to the diaper area. This will absorb any residual moisture.



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