George Graham

Quarantine Fox News

Like a nasty computer virus, Fox News should be quarantined. Leave the far-right crazies to hear what Ruport Murdoch’s hired guns have to say. The rest of us have better ways to spend our time.

That goes for you, too, Mr. President.

Why on earth were you being “interviewed” by  Bill O’Reilly last night? Surely, you don’t think you changed any Fox News viewers’ minds?

Their minds are closed, Mr. President.  They listen to loudmouths like O’Reilly to reinforce their prejudices, not to be exposed to alternative views.

All you did last night, Mr. President, was boost O’Reilly’s ratings. He invited you on the show to bait you, and his viewers tuned in to enjoy the sport.

I admit I didn’t watch the interview. I never, ever watch the cable channel. As far as I am concerned Fox News does not exist. Except when my President lowers himself to appear on the so-called news network.

In that case, I’ll read about it the next day.

And what I’m reading confirms my suspicions. O’Reilly brought you on to needle you, not to hear your policies and plans, Mr. President. I know you can take care of yourself in such a situation, sir, but why bother?

I’m sure you knew what the interview would be like. You’ve been there, done that. Fox News is predictably ugly.

As Hillary Clinton now-famously tweeted during the Super Bowl:

It’s so much more fun to watch FOX when it’s someone else being blitzed & sacked!

I also wonder why the folks at MSNBC give Fox News so much publicity. I suppose they think we MSNBC viewers want to know about the latest outrage committed by the far-right propaganda machine. But – as far as I am concerned, anyway – we can do without that.

We can also do without Rush Limbaugh’s revolting fulminations. So why repeat the offensive things he says?

All it does is give the fathead precious publicity.

Let him bleat all he wants. There’s no point in arguing with the guy. Ignore him.

The silence will be deafening – eventually.

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