Baby oh Baby Jamaica

Rain Rain Go Away

Is has been raining since Friday. All day everyday. So my son has been home with me since then as he has a cold and I have not sent him out. I had errands yesterday and he went on the road with me.

Last night he got up at 1:30am and he just went back to sleep. It’s now 6:40am. He wanted tea and more tea and at 5:00am he wanted fish. Mind you I am now never out of fish so I warmed up some and he ate and ate. I am so tired. I have a headache and I am so wishing I could go back to sleep. I am going to try. My usual go to person to help me in times like this when I need a little rest can’t come because of the rain. Wow what a week. Mind you today is my birthday. What a day.

Anyway have a great day everyone.

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