Recession Buster III – Protecting Yourself at Liquidation Sales

 In this economic hurricane, in the eye of the storm, there is opportunity of benefiting from sales.

In the US this week-end  there is  Valentines day on the front end, and President’s day on the back -end.

This could be a consumer stimulus moment.

Those with jobs will have some down time to take a brief vacation, buy a book, send some flowers, go out to eat, etc.


For those of you who maybe doing some serious shopping, listen up!

There is a website that I will be paying increasing attention to in our era of penny pinching.

It is :

The consumerist

Let me share an example of the help this site does provide.

Going out of business/ liquidation/ clearance sales can be opportunities to get great deals. But don’t be tricked. Not all of these so-called “sales” will save you money.

For example, that product  might be labeled “40 % off” – but 40 % off what?

It might be off the manufacturer’s suggested retail price, not the last price it actually sold for.

Is it last year’s model?

There’s a good chance you’ll be able to get it for less somewhere else.

There are some ways you can find out instantly if the same item is being sold cheaper online.

  • If your cellphone has Internet access, go to the mobile version of Google Product Search: Then enter the product name or model number.
  • If you are without Internet access but can text message, you can text the product’s ISBN or UPC (the number under the bar code) to [email protected]. The MobSaver service will send you a list of prices for the same item on Amazon and eBay. Find out more at
  • mobsaver

  •  .


Have a saving tip you want to share?

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