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Redemption, Lil Kim, Kanye and El Clasico 2010

I am a college football (and Florida State Seminoles) fan, have been for many years. That being said,  have always believed that the greatest single game ever played by a college football player in all the years i’ve watched the sport came in 2000 when Florida State played Virginia Tech.
Bear in mind that the FSU team of 1999-2000 had several players drafted into the NFL, including a number one overall pick Peter Warrick. That team also included Anquan Boldin, Chris Wienke, Cory Simon and Bradley Jennings; major talent on both sides of the football.
Michael Vick destroyed that team, singlehandedly bringing Virginia Tech back from 21 points down before ultimately losing. That performance was his introduction to the world, and prompted many to say he was the next level of NFL quarterback; the mash up of Tom Brady like passing ability and Barry Sanders like elusiveness on the run. The most electrifying player ever to lace up a pair of cleats.
Ten years, countless ups and downs and one jail stint later he showed on Monday Night Football a peek into what so many saw years ago when he was drafted number one after his sophomore year. And just like I was amazed at the plays he made in the 2000 Sugar Bowl, I can again say this: I have never seen a quarterback perform as well as he did against the Redskins. That was quarterback play in 4G. The evolution of the position. A game that will be talked about for years to come.
I am a Michael Vick fan, have been since that Sugar Bowl game. I was disappointed with his actions in the dog fighting mess and felt he deserved the punishment he got. He was the embodiment of the entitlement attitude run amok. That being said, its also over. He did his time and has moved on. The dog lovers need to do the same. And in the year when Josh Hamilton won baseball’s AL MVP after years of battling drug addiction, I say well done to Mr. Vick and I hope that, like Hamilton, he has truly turned his life around.
Back in 2000, Lil Kim was still relevant. A good rapper in a field of several (Eve, Foxy Brown, MC Lyte, Lady of Rage, Heather B, Queen Latifah to name a few) she played up her image and talk of frank sexuality into millions of dollars and countless headlines. Fast forward to 2010 and the field has thinned. Jean Grae may be (in my opinion at least) the best female rapper out, but the only one selling and making headlines is Nikki Minaj.
Nikki Minaj has built a career on-guess what? an image and talk of frank sexuality. And this has led to bickering between the old school (Kim) and new school (Nikki.)
My word of advice to Lil Kim is this; if you think you have reason to have beef with Nikki Minaj, put out some good music. Otherwise, shut the hell up, you’re starting to look like what you are: a has-been who is resentful of the new kid on the scene.
And oh yeah, Madonna should be asking why BOTH of those dummies aren’t giving her props!
Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (R) is another classic from K. West.
Barcelona played Real Madrid in the 2010 version of El Clasico and convincingly showed who the best team in Spain is with a resounding 5-0 thumping that was worse than the actual score. While Inter Milan struggles in Italy and Chelsea is floundering somewhat in England, Barcelona is steaming along, destroying all opposition.
They look like the class of Europe so far, but there’s still a long way to go.

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