Reggae Artistes Press Dis-information

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The past few months press releases promoting Jamaican artists or Jamaican music events are a “dime a dozen”. We post many of them on the website however recently we have had to take different route. Do some research. Why?

On any given day a press release is sent out by a promoter announcing “Artist A” is performing at “Concert A”. The next day a press press from “Artist A’s” management team is sent out stating that “Artist A” is not performing at “Concert A”. These announcements and retractions happen weekly.

The most interesting one, the past few weeks, has been Buju Banton signing the “reggae compasionate act” to stop singing anti-gay lyrics. The UK Guardian and Time magazine published this report along with many other online outlets. Press releases were sent out various media outlet, stating he had signed this act. Buju Banton’s management team through various media outlets has stated that he has not signed the “Reggae Compassionate Act. This is the power of the internet…you can inform and dis-inform millions with the click of a mouse.

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