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Reggae Sumfest 2009 – International Night I

A night of long band changes and audio problems.  Ne-Yo endured his entrance onstage for nearly 15 interminable minutes or so before he could begin….. it was embarrassing!  But when he begun he was excellent!  Short with a nice muscular body and a mischievous impish boyish grin he had the ladies in the audience eating out of his hands.  His backup band is good….. and all male band and I must make mention of the horn section…..so rare these days to see a horn section…. and they played well and was in sync especially with their dance moves.  On performing Miss Independence they segued into Romping Shop and his attempts at reggae dancing was fun to watch.

I stayed for one of Keri Hilson’s songs….. she performed to tracks which I don’t like…. however from what I saw she put on a pretty good show and many others told me they liked her performance.

Earlier in the night, Coco Tea like sweet sweet coco tea came on to sweet up de place which he did well peforming many of his numerous hits and included his Michael Jackson tribute.

Queen Ifrica suffered a pretty similiar fate as Ne-Yo with an interminable wait for her entrance on stage…. but once on…. she has such a strong distinctive vocals and style…. really good to see at this stage in reggae annals a  female artiste with such strident militancy about her image, lyrics and various causes.  A native of Montego Bay she connected with her audience and gave good of her self.  While she performed Beenieman could be see stage right enjoying her show.  He Man In The Mirror tribute to Michael Jackson showed much of her vocal range.  Good stuff!

The night ended with Jah Cure.  Cure’s songs are wonderful hits….. but I find his live performance lacking…. a bit disjointed.

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