George Graham

Removing all Doubt

If I still had any lingering doubts about Trump and his minions conspiring with Putin and his minions to sabotage Hillary’s campaign, the firing of FBI Director James Comey would’ve put them to rest.

You don’t have to be smart to connect the dots.

Comey announces that the FBI is investigating the Trump-Putin conspiracy and a few days later Trump fires Comey.

Yes, I know what Trump and his minions said. They claim they fired Comey for being so unfair to Hillary during the campaign.

If you believe that, there’s a piece of swampland down here in Florida I might interest you in buying.

Remember how Trump praised Comey when he smeared Hillary? Remember “Lock ‘er up,” “Lock ‘er up”?

So now he is punishing Comey for helping him win the White House?

Trump and his minions must have had a good laugh when they came up with that one.

Obviously, they don’t care if we know they’re feeding us baloney. Indeed, I imagine they want us to know what’s really going on, and they want us to be warned. You could be next if you cross them, buddy.

Every day, in every way, this Trump presidency becomes more of a Third World dictatorship.

When will our craven Congress decide they’ve had enough?

Even the most gullible or cynical American must realize by now what’s happening to our democracy.

If Congress doesn’t impeach Trump, we the people may have to take matters into our own hands – the way they do in those other Third World dictatorships.

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