George Graham

Republicans’ Stealth Attack


While the nation obsesses over the possibility of a Trump impeachment, Republicans in Congress are using the diversion to launch a massive assault on the American people.

You and I know Trump, as he once said, could shoot someone dead in the middle of Fifth Avenue and not get impeached. Not as long as Republicans control Congress.

But the “investigations” of Trump’s crimes keeps the media busy and titillates their audiences, so don’t expect them to stop any time soon.

I certainly need no convincing that Trump is a thug. He’s a former casino owner who paid a fine for money laundering for Heavens’ sake. How much more proof do we need?

Did he lean on James Comey to stop the FBI prying into his Russian connection? Of course.

Did he lean on NSA Director Mike Rogers and National Intelligence Director  Dan Coats to help him lean on Comey?  Surely you don’t put that past him?

That”s how he operates. That’s how thugs operate.

And yes, it’s the way Nixon operated. But this is not Watergate. Nixon was forced out because Demnocrats ruled Congress. Now, the Democrats are a spent force. They can complain as much as they want but they can’t impeach Trump with the smattering of seats they have in Congress.

Meanwhile, the radical right is advancing a terrifying legislative agenda. The House just voted to revoke banking controls put in place to prevent another global economic collapse.  And I haven’t heard a murmur of indignation from our watchdogs in the media.

There’s a lot more right-wing radicalism where that came from.

The EPA is targeted for demolition. The environment and wildlife will be left unprotected. Public education is under attack. Health care – especially women’s care – is endangered. And so are workers’ rights.

So while it is undeniably entertaining to watch Trump squirm, he is not the real danger.

The most terrifying enemies of the people are Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell (photo above) and their rightwing allies in Congress.

Trump’s follies and peccadilloes are a mere diversion. Impeaching him would do nothing to stop the radical rightwing revolt. Mike Pence would be even more dangerous in the White House.

The only way for Americans to save themselves and their country  is to vote Republicans out of power – and keep them out.

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