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Rewriting Jamaica’s History

I just watched a video posted by Janice and I wonder where the “historian” in it got his “facts.” According to him, everything we “know” about Jamaica’s past is fantasy.

An early history of Jamaica was written by my granduncle, Archdeacon John Graham (photo). And, trust me, he was a decent, honest man. He would never have conspired to create a false narrative in support of British colonialism.

Why on earth would he?

Of course, much of what we see and hear is fiction. Events and facts are manipulated, even invented, to further political goals. But I can’t think of any motive my granduncle would have had for making up a story about Arawaks and so on.

Janice’s historian, on the other hand, has obvious motives for promoting a racially charged narrative that contradicts the accepted version.

Janice’s historian wants us to believe there was no slave trade, that European invaders enslaved the indigenous people, who happened to be black.

How’s that for a radical theory? And why does this guy want us to believe it?

The message I get from Janice’s video is not just distasteful; it is dangerous. Why set Jamaicans against one another on the basis of skin color?

Out of many one people, Janice. That’s all you and I need to know. Racism is ugly, whatever segment of the spectrum it’s from.

Janice’s video:

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