Robot fish…may need one of the North Coast in Jamaica

Today I read an article on this robot fish that can detect pollution in the sea.  In the last few year there has been complaints from various environmental groups in Jamaica about the ships and hotels on the Jamaican North Coast polluting the beaches. Maybe we can get a few Robofish to help  :mrgreen:

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  • It’s a slippery slope. The ads use hyperbole and violent images, but do not specifically incite violence. The people who commit the crimes are inferring the instructions. It appears that the young man from Tucson is mentally ill and acted on his own based on his own pyschosis. The same strictures you want to use on the tea baggers may be used against you. What needs to be done is to make sure that untruths are prohibited, that would cut down on a lot of the rhetoric and inflammatory speech. You wouldn’t be able to say that some one was responsible for something they weren’t. I am very uncomfortable going down the censorship path.

  • Like Grace, I don’t like slippery slopes either but I do think showing up at political meetings “bearing arms” should not be allowed. I believe those illustrations like the one above are calling on people not to rise up in a Democratic fashion and protest, or to vote or call our representatives or do the things we do in a Democracy but to pick up a gun and have a revolution because they think their tax bill is too high! or the growing melting pot is making them nervous about how the country is changing, or gay people are getting more rights than they think they should have or whatever!!!! I think they are the great threat to our freedoms, not those of us who would like a bit of restraint in how people are allowed to protest.

  • I am supprised that so many people seem not to be aware of the power of suggestion. Advertising companies use it all the time. Manson used it with devasting results. It actually can be used as a kind of mind control. All I am saying here is that, with freedoms come responsibility. I, for one, would not be happy to have my child shot by some lunatic because he had the freedom to carry an automatic hand gun into a mall. That type of weapon, by the way, has no other purpose but to kill. Like Liz Ayres, I believe that people looking to ‘bear arms’ should be checked out to make sure they are not mentally or emotionally unstable and that their job (in the case of automatic weapons) reqires them to bear such arms. Qudos to those people who took him down when he stopped to reload. They are , in the true sense of the word, heroes. What’s going on in the US today anyhow? Aren’t we supposed to be civilized??? Billy G.