Rolling Stone Magazine critics Tessanne Chin’s performance from last night

What do you think of the Rolling Stone magazine critic of Tessanne Chin’s performance. Seems our guess blogger who wrote “Blame Adam Levine” maybe on to something.

“Giving powerhouse vocalist Tessanne No Doubt’s reggae-tinged “Underneath It All” could go either way when the votes roll in, as Tessanne’s accent was more on display than her vocal abilities. So, now the question is: Will viewers embrace the blatant nod at her Jamaican roots or are they tired of being reminded? According to Adam, the song was “tailor-made” for her and he was “overjoyed to be able to tie Jamaica to America.” But he could soon be mumbling “I hate this country” again if she gets cut.”

Read more: http://www.rollingstone.com/movies/videos/the-voice-recap-will-champlin-pulls-ahead-20131126#ixzz2lnK5AnJ1


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