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Romney Looks More Dangerous Than I Thought

I was wrong about Mitt Romney. I thought he was just an ego-driven rich guy who would do and say anything to be president of the United States but who might be relatively harmless if – God forbid – he got elected.

But Rachel Maddow set me straight on her MSNBC show last night.

In case you missed the show, click here.

Romney is beginning to look downright dangerous.

Rachel pointed out that the national security advisory team that Romney just announced is loaded with neocon warmongers from the Bush regime. The team includes several of the agitators who conned America into invading Iraq.

It even includes the right-wing crazy who insisted Saddam Hussein was shopping for materials in Africa to build an atom bomb. That’s right – the “weapons of mass destruction” guy.

Romney has also tapped Mideast militant Whalid Phares (above, right), a pro-Israeli hawk and Fox News propagandist.

The only war-crazy character missing from the Romney team is Dr. Strangelove, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he shows up later on.

This is a very scary thing.

As Rachel warned, Romney’s new advisers have been agitating to bomb Iran for years, and if they get into power, you can bet they’ll “discover” nuclear weapons there, too.

With Rick Perry making an ass of himself, Herman Cain playing Uncle Tom on steroids and the other Republican presidential candidates looking more like a Keystone Cops comedy every day, Mitt could conceivably be the party’s nominee.

You might say it doesn’t matter. Why would anyone vote for Mitt instead of Barack Obama?

But this is America, and Americans are not that into politics. All a lot of them know is what Rush Limbaugh and the Fox News propagandists tell them (and tell them and tell them…). And if you’ve been paying attention, you know Rush and Fox haven’t had anything good to say about the president.

They’ve convinced a lot of listeners that Obama is to blame for the 9 percent unemployment rate, the wobbly economy, anything that goes wrong overseas and a concocted Muslim “threat” at home. Some jerk even said – at a recent conservative gathering – that Obama’s election was more of a disaster than Nine/Eleven.

The bottom line is that – incredibly – Willard Mitt Romney could get the Republican nomination and go on to win the presidency.

I don’t know what you and I can do to head off such a horror, but whatever it is we’d better do it.

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