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Roses - A Distinctive Little Anecdote

Oooooh I say!

Date: Friday 26th September 2008.
Location: Marlon’s Plush Waterside Apt
Time: 23.32

Hmmmm. So purleaze don’t even ask me how or why, okay! Personally I blame the endless supply of JDs and that over sexy suit, but here I was chillaxing on Marlon’s black suede and leather settee at his bachelor pad.
“Comfortable are we?” Marlon laughed, before lodging a kiss on my forehead.
“I am indeed,” I sighed, wrapping my arms around his neck.
Resting his body weight on top of mine, I had most definitely arrived in chocolate heaven!
“You feel so good,” Marlon murmured before kissing my collarbone.

Oh my days Marcia, he’s soooo buff. My fingers lazily trailed up and down Marlon’s lower back. Caught up in an entanglement of lusty limbs, I could feel something throbbing against my thighs. And no, it certainly wasn’t just Marlon’s (somewhat voluptuous can I add) stiff ebony wand…it was that blasted phone again! Pulling it out of his trouser pocket, Marlon’s eyes swiftly roamed across the rectangular touch screen. I swear that thing’s tryna mash the vibes up man. Talk about a passion killer. I was starting to feel ever so slightly PISSED OFF with the constant interruptions.

Fireside“Your phone’s been going off all night Marlon, can you switch it off now pweety please?” I purred like a (sexy) little kitten, whilst profusely fluttering my mascara preened lashes.
I pressed on with my campaign to entice Marlon back into showing ME attention by running my fingertips along the outline of his lips.
“Errr yeah, yeah…sorry b,” Marlon replied, seeming a little distracted.
“It’s just one of my cousins from the States. He’s calling to see what time I’m gonna pick him up from the airport next week. It’s cool though, I’ll bell him tomorrow…Right now we got some business to attend to,”
Damn right his cousin can wait. After all, we had some serious boots to knock. Flipping the OFF switch located at the side, Marlon placed the phone on his black leather and glass coffee table.
“Oh my days. About time.” I giggled, recommencing with what we’d just started.
I’m sure at least twenty minutes of exchanging intense hugs with lingering kisses, must have gone by before we came up for air. The sweet melodic sounds of reggae singer Gyptian, talking about how he’d met this beautiful lady, had now filled the modern yet understated decorated living room. Words escaped me as Marlon began to slide his warm hands under my blouse. Powerless. Weakened by his sexy flesh. You name it. This guy was slowly sapping all of my willpower.

“Oh shhhheeeeettttt,” Marlon quietly moaned in between delicately sucking on my earlobe.
“Wow…someone works out hardcore,” I whispered tracing Marlon’s concrete abs through his partially opened shirt.
Rubbing his solid hands up and down my fishnetted thighs, he’d managed to hitch my dress up in the process. Our entwined tongues hungrily searched inside each others’ mouths.
“Oh damn,” I groaned as Marlon nuzzled his face into my neck.
You know I can’t lie.
With all that wriggling around and grinding on top of me, the guy was beginning to feel almost as tasty as gorging on a whole tub of Ben and Jerry’s by myself.

I said almost!

black sexy coupleMarlon’s warm fingers curiously probed at the lining of my La Senza French knickers. Woooooooh I feel hot like fire. The way he was tenderly sucking on my bottom lip, I was starting think I had no other choice but to succumb to Mr Reid’s wicked ways.
“Hmmm…Two months. Nine days. That’s close enough man, innit?” I deliberated.
By this point Marlon had skilfully unclipped my bra strap with just the one hand.
“Oh boy…Game over.”

Just like the large lion tattoo covering most of Marlon’s right pectoral, I was more than ready to roar the blinking place down. The next thing I knew, we may as well have been participating in one of those wildlife documentaries. No really I promise. Not a second was wasted as we literally tore the clothes off of each other’s bodies. Ooooh yeah… Mz. Bumper Queen was now officially out and ready to play. Now, I’m going to move very swiftly through the next part but let’s just say I didn’t quite finish testing the Certified Laws of Attraction. Come on now, I was close enough though wasn’t I?
One could also say that I very much enjoyed taking the role of cow girl to another level.
Oh yes. You know me. It’s not really my style to reveal that kind of information but let’s just say, I kept riding rodeo style until both persons (I mean Marlon and I…duh) involved, buckarooed the place down.
Yes, yes before you enquire, tipsy or not, it’s a standard (and totally non-negotiable) procedure of Mz. Bumper Queen’s to practise safe D.U.R.E.X. sex all the way.

By the time we’d taken it to the jungle and back, Marlon’s shizzle had me conked out and snoozing like a bear in winter. Now that’s what I call a most satisfying end to a hard week of work and university.

[Continues Next Week…]

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