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Roses - A Distinctive Little Anecdote

I hate…you so much right now!
I hate…you so much right now!
I hate…you so much right now!

Caught out there – Kelis

Date: Saturday, October 4, 2008.
Location: Outside The Candy Moon Club
Time: 4:51 AM

“Yo, yo come back a minute man. You didn’t let me finish,” some promoter guy (who looked like it was way past his bedtime) pleaded with Jade.
“Oh my days!” Jade snapped.
“Seriously what part of F#@% OFF didn’t you understand bruv? I don’t want your number, I ain’t giving you mine and NO I don’t want free tickets to your dry rave. Kick out man. Chah!” she stated over her shoulder, trudging away from the boy.

This was the problem with looking somewhat younger than her twenty two years. Jade often had guys barely out of secondary school trying to chirps her.
“Whatever man! You think you’re too nice anyway bout you’re giving me air. You’re any gash doh’.”
The guy turned his back, before handing out some more flyers to the other people leaving the club.
“Yeah, your mum,” Jade retorted in a garbled tone.
“For friggs sake Jade, shut up,” I scowled, wildly pulling her in the direction of Johanna and Shauna, who by now were out of earshot.
Thank gawd they’d already walked a fair bit ahead.
“What? You need to shut your mouth before I get one of my sisters to murk you up yeah,” the guy taunted.
“Is that a promise? Bring it come then, cos boy I will tump’ you and your sisters down. You get me.” Jade threatened, brutishly throwing her hands up in the air.
“Sorry,” I mouthed apologetically to the promoter guy, hoping he would realise that Jade was nothing less than extremely sozzled.
“Like you need to get involved in another slanging match Jade,” I murmured under my breath as she tried to unlink her arm from mine.
“Marcia, I could have handled that,” Jade said looking back over her shoulder.
“Oh put a sock in it Jade man.”
Jade was really starting to agitate the shizzle out of me now and I wasn’t in the mood to entertain her drunkard antics anymore.
Forcefully hustling Jade up the road, I prayed we’d get to Shauna’s car without having to rescue her from starting another fight. Staring up, I crossed my fingers in the hope for a bit of peace. The crescent shaped moon, similar to that of a white pearl set in black sand, glistened in the early morning sky.
“Oh what a night of revelations,” I sighed.

A few minutes later, after zigzagging through a couple of quiet back streets and not being too far from Shauna’s car, Jade suddenly stopped.
“Shauna, I’m gonna have a quick fag okay?” she said, pulling out a creased box of B&H.
“Whatever,” Shauna huffed, centrally unlocking her two thousand and seven registered silver Golf GTI.
Johanna tottered into the road and slipped herself into the front passenger’s side. Glancing down the quiet street, filled with empty parked cars, it was home to only a building site on the left side of the road and a derelict pub, plus a few closed shops on the right.
“I swear down, I’m fed up of Shauna treating me like a kid,” Jade said before taking in a deep drag of her cigarette.
“Well you do get a bit rowdy when you drink Jade.”
“I hear that, but still man, she’s so patronising. Don’t you think you’ve had enough now Jade…. Blah de fucking blah,” Jade rolled her eyes, exhaling a big plume of smoke through her tiny nostrils.
“That Marlon’s an eeeddiiottt man. Why do guys think they can play us women like that?” Jade leaned on the mesh wired building site fence behind her.
“Nah man, that’s not the one. Talk about taking liberties,” she added.
“I honestly don’t know,” I sighed, feeling the rising tide of disappointment sweep over me.
I really didn’t have anything against that Monique, as I kind of got the impression she might not have had the faintest as to what Marlon was really about, but I couldn’t help feeling gutted. How could I have been so foolish? Talk about wasting my time. An assortment of emotions ricocheted back and forth, whilst words couldn’t even begin to describe how much I hated Marlon. I hated myself even more for being bought in by his sweet boy deceit. I guess they come in all guises.
“He’s such a wanker,” I hissed.
“Marcia…Is that Marlon’s car?” Jade quietly asked, as her eyes narrowed in the direction of the champagne coloured Mercedes parked across the road from us.
“M-8-R-1-0-N…” I quickly read the number plate.
That’s definitely his car.
“Do you believe in fate?” Jade questioned.
“Erm… Kinda,” I answered.
“Do you believe in karma?” Jade snarled.
“Well…I guess…”

Now I was puzzled.

Stubbing out her half-smoked cigarette on the ground, Jade bent down and craftily stuck her small hands through the building site fence.
“Jade… What you doing?” I asked as she grappled through the rubble, reaching for what looked like a broken brick.
The sequins stitched in her white glove glimmered and twinkled in the darkness.
“Jade get up,” I whispered trying not to draw Shauna or Johanna’s attention to us.
Whilst the road was quiet and desolate, I didn’t want the other two to kick off. It was fair to say Jade had caused enough tension to last a life time already.
“Shush Marcia man,” Jade said steadily bringing her hand back through the fence.
Dashing across the road faster than Usain Bolt running for a world record, Jade pelted the brick through the car’s windscreen. Multiple pieces of shattered glass shards sprinkled over the bonnet. My ears rang from the overbearing shrill of the car alarm.
“Jaaaaaaaaaaddddde!” Shauna squealed from her car.
“Oh shittt!!!!!” I grimaced, hobbling as fast as I could towards Shauna’s car.

Broken Windshield

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  • C’mon America, let your voices be heard loud and clear. The Republicans are obviously for the rich and powerful. Do you consider yourself to be rich and powerful? Do you think those tea party people make any sense? Do you really think that the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin would make a good (God help us) President? Please VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!!!

  • Our newspaper just endorsed an incumbent Republican in one of the up coming races, accompanied by a big smiling picture of him. I didn’t bother to read the editorial. I am voting straight D and I only feel a little sorry about it. As my husband said, the R’s have not bothered to repudiate all the idiots on their side and I now have zero respect for that party. Even a Colin Powell, whom I admire greatly, could not get my vote now if he would run on the GOP platform.

  • I’m voting straight D as well with one exception: the FL Senate race.
    I’m for the Independent.

  • Bill, I know Charlie was a good governor, but he has already said the following:
    1. I didn’t leave the Republican Party, the Republican Party left me.
    2. I love the Republican Party.

    I interpret this to mean, that as soon as he is elected he will declare himself to be a Republican and try to force the party he loves back to the middle. I don’t blame him, but I don’t trust him to stick to the middle. I think he is going to be loyal to his Republican ideals. After all he did oppose Soto-Mayor, and now he can’t quite remember why. He also tends to waffle. At first I was thinking Crist but now, I am sticking with Meeks. Not a dynnamic speaker, not a Charismatic man, but if we split the vote between Christ and Meeks, Rubio WILL win. Can you imagine that scenario?

  • I see what you’re saying, Grace. But I don’t believe that a vote for Crist is a vote for Rubio. As for splitting the count, the same can be said of a vote for Meek (and he’s running a distant third in many polls). In this case I have to vote for the person who I think would make the best senator. Like half the other Dem voters bailing out on mediocre Meeks, I think Crist is a genuine moderate and that he’s effective and respects his contituency. He’s a fair and decent guy with resolve and no trained parrot. Will he be a party-line Republican in disguise? I guess that’s possible, but even if that should happen, I don’t see him as being a thorn in the Dems’ side like that Lieberman sort of independent who hugged Gore then a few years later kissed McCain.

  • Bill, I hope you are right. I can’t stand that Rubio is leading in the polls over both of the moderates. I hate the idea of a country that doesn’t believe in the social contract. That health care should only be available for those who can pay for it. That the poor should not have children. That the government should be small, but not so small that it can interfere with my bedroom and my womb. I’m voting the party that best represents my beliefs. Maybe next time, I will feel safe in voting for the person.

    In the meantime, I will waive my placard at the million moderate march!

  • Bill Moore, I hope you are right, but the best way to judge how one will behave in the future is by thier past performances. Oh, by the way, Lieberman should have been drumed out of the Democratic party a long time ago. The Republicans are reprehensible, vote them out!!! Billy G.