Sagging Pants and other impractical Clothing ideas

Sagging pants are all the rage and I can barely conceal my amusement when I see young men holding up their pants with one hand and fumbling to carry something in the other. many older folks are disgusted with the trend. Some towns and cities are even moving to pass laws against wearing such seemingly senseless clothing. Apparently this trend started in prisons where belts are not allowed and one has hold the pants up by hand. It’s also thought to be used by prisoners as a sexual signal of some kind.

saggypants.jpg The older generation shouldn’t complain too much though, for one thing,  that will only make it more popular as it gives the youth something to rebel against. necktie.jpgAnd look how long the necktie has been around. Now if there ever was a bad clothing idea, that gets my vote but look how entrenched it is. Grown men willingly constricting the blood vessels of the neck to be considered properly dressed. If there is any justice then the guy who came up with that idea surely died a horrible death…

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