Jamaica Jamaican in China

* Saipan Beachfront Office. Act now!

Act quickly! This one may be gone tomorrow! Are you a writer who needs to escape the hustle and bustle and noise of city life to be creative? Do you dream of having your very own tropical island getaway with a view of the ocean to inspire you? Has a fiji vacation been on your mind, among other islands? Are you just an overworked and underpaid working person who dreams of escape? Well, now you can!

Forget about expensive villas and vacation condos! All you really need is right here!

Wake to a thrilling Saipan sunrise, and after an invigorating run on the beach, (same Jamaican, different beach)

return to your office to get some work done!

Sand-colored floors (colored with real sand); Pine wood walls (provided by real pine trees); stone desk and comfortable stone chair, this open air office is just the ideal setting for your escape.

It doesn’t get any more beachfront than this, folks! Ideal for the minimalist! (However, if you want some more normal accommodations on Saipan, visit www.destinationSaipan.com

Year built: pre-civilization; desk added within last century

Living area: as far as the eye can see

Tenure: Free; Simple.

Land area: all of it

Monthly taxes: $0

About the author

Walt F.J. Goodridge

"Once upon a time, there was a Jamaican civil engineer living in New York who hated his job, followed his passion, started a sideline business publishing his own books, quit his job, escaped the rat race, ran off to a tropical island in the Pacific, and started a tourism business so he could give tours of the island to pretty girls every day....and live a passionpreneur & nomadpreneur's dream life." (Full story: https://www.passionprofit.com/escape)

2020 UPDATE: Walt is also author of over 24 books including Turn Your Passion into Profit, and How to Become a Nomadpreneur. His latest book project is "The Pandemicpreneur: How to start or CONTINUE Making Money Doing What You Love, generate multiple income streams, remotely, from home...Even During a Pandemic!"

Learn more at : http://thepandemicpreneur.com/


  • *Puts on super-nerd glasses*
    Miss Piggy was actually never on Sesame Street. She is a character from The Muppet Show and the Muppet movies. And Kermit, to my knowledge, has never been in a Sesame Street Live show. It is more likely that, in addition to classics like Cookie Monster and Grover, your cookbook is fortifying Elmo, Zoe and Abby Cadabby :).

  • 1. hahaha! Wow! I had no idea! And, except for Elmo, who I only know because of his tickle me fame, I’ve never heard of Zoe or Abby!
    Growing up in Jamaica, we had Sesame Street and Electric Company,
    and we may have had just a few of the older episodes. I only know the 70s cast: Kermit, Ernie and Bert, Grover, Snuffleupagus, The Count,
    Big Bird, Oscar the Grouch & Cookie Monster. That’s it!
    Are any of those guys on the live show?