Sarah, Sarah, No time is a good time to mention Sarah Palin

I am amazed at the negative emotions Sarah Palin draws from people. Many in the Jamaican community seem to hate Sarah Palin as much as most Democrats. I have tried a few times to have a serious discussion on her winning the Republican nomination for the 2012 elections with Jamaican friends.

It typically gets very awkward when I mention she can win the nomination. That statement creates tension. I have committed a serious sin by saying “win” and “Sarah Palin” in the same line. The attacks start and I am accused of favoring her to win the presidency when all I said was she could win the Republican nomination. No one wants to face the reality that Sarah Palin could win anything at all. I recently saw individuals who were accused of serious crimes (they were acquitted), with mountains of evidence, win elected office. With this environment anyone can win, including Sarah Palin….

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