George Graham

Sears is Coming Through

Good ol’ Sears is restoring my faith in humanity after all. They phoned yesterday to tell me they would replace the washing machine Sandra and I have been doing without for the past three weeks.

The only catch is that we will be responsible for “disposing” of the old machine. (If you want a dead Kenmore front-loader, you can come and pick it up. Yes, of course I’m kidding!)

A customer service rep told me to check out model GFW490RSKWW on the GE web site.  If I like it, she said, they would have one here in “three to five” business days.

The way I figure it, that works out to Wednesday at the earliest, Friday at the latest.

I looked up the model and it’s pictured at right. I don’t see anything wrong with it. Do you?

I told the customer service folks that a wash tub and scrubbing board would be better than what we have now, and at this point the GE machine looks simply grand.

So it seems the saga of the Sears appliance protection plan might have a happy ending and I might get some clean clothes to wear at long last. I was beginning to think I would have to go around naked (and, trust me, that would not comply with our golf club’s dress code).

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