Seems SOCIAL media is not social anymore…

Is  social media dead? It seems Mass Marketing has invaded social media and has taken over. My Facebook.com, Youtube.com and Myspace.com box is filled with promotions & spam. Why is this happening? Because no one wants to work? When  our site because the first Jamaican social network site (we were the first to have a forum and it is the grandfather of all social networking tools) we realized that we could not mass market to our users. You have to make a social connection. I know many of the people on the forums. I am social with them. If not it would not work. It is not about the numbers You have to show you care about them. You don’t attract people by bombarding them with commercial messages. If you do not genuinely care about people they will ignore your message…that is what is happening to me and the social media tools…How about you?

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