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In New York, there’s “The Pink Pussycat Boutique,” “Babes in Toyland” and “Eve’s Garden.” In Paris, there’s “Toys Me.” In Beijing, there’s….

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Subject: Jamaican in China!–Seen in China

Date: October 5, 2010 10:00:35 AM GMT+08:00

Just a few random shots of things seen in China!

Take me to…

“Ni Hao! Welcome to Beijing!”

“Hi, Mr. Taxi Driver, I need to find a hotel.”

“Ok, I’ll take you to a hotel.”

“BAM! You want a hotel? Here’s a hotel.”


A little lonely, perhaps? Or maybe you’ve already met someone and want to spice up those hot, romantic nights? Well, now that you’re comfortable in a hotel, time to explore.  In New York, there’s “The Pink Pussycat Boutique,” “Babes in Toyland” and “Eve’s Garden.” In Paris, there’s “Toys Me.” In Beijing, there’s the…Look! Over there! There it is!

….um…it’s the  “Sex Appliance Shop???”

Hmmmm…something……not….quite….warm and fuzzy, here. Or is it just me?

Here’s my card. Call me. Let’s talk marketing.

Well, time to go out and see more of China.


A few weeks ago, at a couchsurfing.org event, I met a fellow named Andrea from Italy. We keep in touch, and he recently shared his altervista photo album with me. This was my favorite photo because of his great timing in getting this shot!

Got it!

One of the traits of a good photographer is that he/she can turn the ordinary into the compelling.Even a simple shot of people looking at a sign (which you’ll see on Andrea’s site), draws you in, evokes a story, and keeps you looking and wanting more. You can check out other shots from Andrea’s China trip athttp://www.licinio.altervista.org/index.php?option=com_phocagallery&view=category&id=21:cina&Itemid=45

Two great tastes…

(Statesiders) Do you remember that television commercial years ago for Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups? Two people are walking towards each other. One has a chocolate bar. The other has a jar of peanut butter. BAM! They collide, the chocolate bar falls into the peanut butter…and the rest, as they say, is history!

“Chocolate and Peanut Butter. Two great tastes that go great together.”

Fact: I like girls.

Fact: I like table tennis.

On TV yesterday: BAM! Girls playing table tennis!

Two great tastes that go great together!

And you thought Heaven didn’t have a penthouse suite!

Taikang Space

My friend, Cong, invited me to a performance art event at Taikang Space—an artist exhibition space in Beijing:  “100 people will wear a single big cloth, then they will break the cloth and leave one by one..”

The piece performed that evening was the creation of artist, Ma Qiusha.

[from the description on the Takang space website]

“During the opening, 100 male and female models perform one after another, break away from a tightly knitted [single piece of cloth] and drift away. This will be unfolding instantly to depict the existing relationships of individuals in a modern society.”

It made me think of the phrase “cut from the same cloth”

Definition: sharing a lot of similarities; seeming to have been created, reared, or fashioned in the same way. usage: She and her brother are cut from the same cloth.

[from another website:] If you look back a few hundred years, families would buy a bolt of fabric to make their clothes from, so all in the family would be notably cut from the same cloth. In some communities they would maintain a certain fabric or tartan and that pattern would be identified with the specific family that used it again and again.

I suggest that the artist is making a statement that we, whether Chinese or Jamaican (I imagine she just didn’t get the memo that I was coming to Beijing and could have been part of the performance), are all essentially cut from the same cloth.

And offers a great “we are the world” sentiment to end this post! J

See more shots from the performance at:


or http://www.taikangspace.com

And I’ll see you next time!

All together now….

We are the world….”

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