Shaggy Parrot is back! Book review and giveaway

Reggae Pickney Shaggy ParrotWe are big fans of Reggae Pickney and Shaggy Parrot, so we are happy to be able to  review their latest edition, “The Reggae Band Rescues Mama Edda Leatherback.” Even happier that we are  giving away a copy of this fun, colourful and engaging CD storybook to one of our lucky readers.  Thanks Reggae Pickney!

The Reggae Band Rescues Mama Edda Leatherback is a whole lot of fun!  The Reggae band and Shaggy Parrot are back to try to help Mama Edda leatherback, a sea turtle, get to shore to lay her eggs.  Through this journey to shore we learn about the environment, and the steps children can take to protect and preserve it Nike Air Max Lunar 1.  How to dispose of garbage properly, reduce, reuse and recycle and about respecting our oceans and the animals who call it home.

I enjoyed it as much as my 8 year old and 18 month old sons.  Of course, the baby didn’t get the environmental messages, but he was surely jigging to the music.  The Reggae music and the lyrics are catchy, you can’t help but  move and dance to the beat.  We listen to the CD in the car which gives us a chance to discuss some of the environmental messages presented.  My older son follows along with the CD. I think this CD/book combination is  brilliant, as it would definitely help children who are a little younger who are developing their reading skills mens air jordan retro 3.  If they struggle with words , they can see and hear the pronunciations.

Kid ‘N’ Play JA loves items like this CD storybook.  Educational with a high fun factor!  True edutainment.  Learning doesn’t have to be boring textbooks.  When we make learning fun, children want to learn.

The Reggae Band Rescues Mama Edda Leatherback is available in bookstores across Jamaica and online at Age group-2-8 years.  Kid ‘N’ Play JA APPROVED!!!!

To win your copy see the contest rules below:

Contest Rules

1) Sign up for Kid ‘N’ Play JA’s newsletter on the home page of our website
2) In the comments section below, tell us why you want a copy of  “The Reggae Band Rescues Mama Edda Leatherback”
3) Fill out your name and email information correctly, so we can notify you if you win
4) Contest dates February 6th-16th 2012
5) Open to Jamaican residents please

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