George Graham

A Cowardly Congress


Shame on you, Bob Corker (in picture, right)! Shame on you, Marco Rubio (in picture , left)!  Shame on you for deciding to vote for the tax bill, after all. And shame on all of you spineless Republicans in Congress for supporting this repulsive piece of legislation.

The bill steals from working Americans to reward the billionaires and millionaires who fill the Republican Party’s campaign coffers.  And it steals from our children and grandchildren by leaving a massive national debt for them to pay.

Be warned. Congress. America is paying attention.

We now know you for what you are. Craven sycophants prostrating yourselves at the feet of your patrons. Terrified that the megadonors will cut you off. Shaking in your shoes at the prospect of Trump’s rage.

And now we know what to expect from you when Trump fires Mueller – as he is obviously about to do. Nothing.

You gutless minions who control Congress will not dare to impeach Trump. You will find some way to weasel out of your sworn duty.

Everyone knows what you’re up to, baying and yapping at Mueller and his team of investigators. Your lies are obviously laying the groundwork for the most blatant dereliction of duty in this nation’s history.

The crucial question of our era is about to be answered. Will we the people put up with such an egregious outrage?

History is holding its breath.

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