Shaq’s Divorce from his wife Shaunie

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I know public life does not reflect what happens in private. And yes couples break up but this one caught me off guard. My wife and I were left with our mouths open when we heard this on the news 2 days ago. I have always been amazed how people felt close to these celebrities they don’t know and never met. They would get emotional about them like they were a part of their lives. Well I think I know now. I am a die-hearted Miami Heat fan. The year they won the championship you basically felt like they were a part of your life. Not only the players but their wives. They have features on the wives and the players families. Shaq and his wife Shaunie were very active in charities in the area. Your felt like you knew them even though you never did.

What made it worse was Pat Riley saying he was devastated by the news. Unlike many of us who were never close to Shaq he has some insight. Riley was the one who had all the players put personal pictures and effects in a pit the year of the championship. Pictures of children, wives, friend and family were in that pit. He never saw this coming.

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