Should Bob Marley’s infidelity be “spun” to politically correctness?

So I am reading an article in a Caribbean publication about a prominent Jamaican woman. The article was focused on her accomplishments but then it mentioned that she was a “love interest” of  Bob Marley and they had a child. I had read it again. As the dates of this “love interest” was when Bob Marley was married. There was no mention of an affair. Just that this lady was his love interest. No mention that he was married. Just that this lady was his love interest. Now I always thought the term love interest referred to a single men and women dating. Are they trying to be politically correct because this lady was prominent and Bob Marley is constantly mentioned as a national hero candidate? I think everyone knows he had affairs…there are children to prove it…I guess it is not politically correct to call it an affair anymore.

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