So How would Busta handle this Crisis ?

It may be hard to fathom now, but very soon, we will be faced with the dawn of a new day from the current nightmare we find in our Island nation.

We are currently heart broken by the devastation and despair. Our frustrations is absorbing our energies as we contemplate the why questions and attempt to exact blame.

We will need to grieve the losses, bind the wounds, and create a sustaining framework to move forward in an affirmative way.

Tapping into the experienced wisdom of our wise elders will be a key ingredient in realizing this possibility.

It was indeed my fortune to meet Mr. Kenneth Jones, a veteran journalist and author, who is committed to allowing us to have access to such wisdom.

His skilled pen has produced several works on Marcus Garvey, such as Justice Delayed, and a biography on Lady Bustamante.
His most recent work is most timely given the eruption in West Kingston.

Ken has penned a most inviting work on Bustamante capturing notes, quotes, and anecdotes.

Ken's insightful book

We had an engaging interview regarding this timely book.

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History is a wonderful teacher if we care to suckle its nectar. If we are going to create a winning solution for the road ahead in Jamaica, we will need to revisit some of the fundamental principles that was practiced by our founders, and captured in this fine publication.

Let us hold in reserve some energy for the heavy lifting ahead of us.

Let us recommit to our motto.
Let us commit to leverage the wisdom that we have just heard as we chart a new day.
Let us remember one of the many quotes in this fine work.

“No police or military force can bring back the love that existed in Jamaica ;
We have to bring it back ourselves.”

Rt. Hon. Alexander Bustamante (1961)

Now let’s just do it!

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