So it was Bush who Invented Freedom!

I don’t watch Fox News so I am indebted to Jon Stewart for bringing this revelation to my attention: It was George W. Bush (and Tony Blair) who brought freedom to the Middle East!


Blair (you remember him?) said as much on Fox.

(Click here to watch the program. Warning: some scenes might be offensive.)

Apparently by telling the world he was invading Iraq to introduce democracy to the region, Bush¬† planted the seed that has blossomed into Egypt’s overthrow of the dictator who had ruled that country for three decades.

But wait a minute. Wasn’t that the same dictator who enjoyed U.S. support all that time? Wasn’t he the recipient of more than a billion dollars a year in foreign aid? Weren’t his troops trained in America and didn’t his arms come from America?

I wonder who watches Fox.

As the fire of freedom sweeps through the Middle East, it looks as if a new order is on the horizon.

Some of the revolution’s results may benefit the United States; some may not.

It looks as if rulers might be overthrown in places like Yemen, where the government is pro-American, and places like Iran, where the government is anti-American.

The price of oil might go through the roof (again!), and that would not be a Good Thing for America.

But Iran might get a sane government, one that’s not intent on building a nuclear bomb to blow up Israel. And that would be a big relief.

But in the turmoil and uncertainty that lie ahead, one thing is clear: America doesn’t have much control over the situation,

And, sorry Fox viewers, George W. Bush didn’t invent freedom.

(Photo shows Turkish citizens celebrating the overthrow of Egyptian dictator Hsni Mubarak.)


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