So what if Ziggy Marley was at a gay bar

Sometimes I get little tibits of news from little “birdies” with agendas. The bold and highlight the items that provides “fuel” the their fire. This news story is one of those tibits that I believe has a hidden agenda. So what if Ziggy Marley was at a gay bar with Dennis Rodman. Yes I know Jamaica has the reputation of being the most “Homophobic” nation on the earth but I think for the most part Jamaicans respect people for who they are. Guilt by association seems to be the new smear campaign. Below is the story in the Miami Herald.


Dennis Rodman sure didn’t look like a man ready to enter rehab: Days after being arrested on suspicion of felony domestic battery, TMZ.com caught the bad boy hanging out Saturday afternoon with friends — including Marcy Klein (Calvin’s daughter), Ziggy Marley and Miami Beach drag diva Elaine Lancaster — at Lincoln Road gay bar Score. Lancaster confirms Rodman will enter an outpatient program in Fort Lauderdale. ”We all wish him only the best,” she said.

Source: Miami Herald

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