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Innovations from the Course


Whether you ever venture on to a course or not, the golf equipment show in Orlando is spotlighting innovations you might find, well… interesting.

Not that we golfers need anything more to buck us up. After all, Tiger is back on the links today in San Diego, and even if he succumbs to ring rust from his long layoff, I’m sure he will produce a welcome buzz.

This show should get a wow! or two from non-golfers too, though.

Bubba’s jet-pack golf cart, for example. Who wouldn’t want to soar up to 3,000 feet in the air on or off the course? As Bubba Watson (above) observes, it should speed up play – which is one f the issues recreational golfers complain so much about.

As you can see, it’s rather bulky. And you would need a pilot’s license to fly one in the US, but I’m sure kinks like that will be straightened out before too long.

Bubba’s flying machine too ambitious for you? How about a motorized, skateboard-style cart from  Golfboard (above, right)?

Then there’s the GPS on the back of your hand (below, right). Wouldn’t that be useful for those of us who get lost walking home from Starbucks?

When will they come up, though, with a GPS that finds your ball? Or a floating, motorized ball that automatically swims to shore when you hit it into a water hazard?

Maybe next time.

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