George Graham

Sometimes Deadly Force is the Only Option

I hold no brief for Ronald Reagan. I think his “legend” is an example of the slick propaganda at which Republicans are so adept. But there’s one thing he did that scratches where I itch. When a tinpot dictator named Muammar Abu Minyar Gaddafi announced that he was training suicide squads to attack American and European interests and claimed responsibility forĀ  bombing a West Berlin nightclub, Reagan ordered missile strikes on the dictator’s home bases.

The strikes didn’t get Gaddafi (click here for alternate spellings) but he claimed his “adopted daughter” was killed. That claim might have been only Libyan propaganda designed to elicit sympathy, but the strikes did their job: The “mad dog of Africa” (as Reagan described him) dialed down his terrorist attacks after that.

I know there are valid moral arguments against the assassination of “mad dogs” like Gaddafi, but as a practical matter, I can’t think of a better response to the wholesale butchery he has inflicted on his people.

The deadly megalomaniac (getting himself crowned as :king of all of Africa: in photo above) must be eliminated to save the lives of thousands.

The United Nations’ decision to impose “sanctions” on Libya is totally inadequate.

Indeed, if it weren’t so tragic, it would be comical.

It’s like telling a homicidal maniac that if he doesn’t stop killing people you will freeze his bank account.

If the UN had any guts, there would be boots on the ground in Libya long before this. Gaddafi’s mercenaries would have been been repelled and the people of Libya would be rejoicing in the streets.

And I am less than thrilled by President Obama’s declaration that Gaddafi needs to “leave now, having lost the legitimacy to rule.”

No kidding, Mr. President. I’m sure Gaddafi will come to his senses now that you have pointed that out.

Sometimes, being too civilized can be soooo exasperating. To me, anyway.

I think it’s high time for the world to end the tut-tutting and finger wagging and blow the SOB and his sons to blazes.

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