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Sorry Karl, Facts are Facts. No Need for Spin

It must be difficult for Karl Rove to recognize a fact when he hears it. Republican gurus like Rove deal in spin so when they hear a simple factual statement they think it’s spin. And that’s how Rove (shown above, left, complaining to Fox viewers) and the other “offended” conservatives saw Clint Eastwood’s powerful Superbowl ad (above, right). They cried foul, calling it pro-Obama, accusing Chrysler of repaying the president for his support.

They’re mistaken, of course.

The simple fact is: It is halftime in America.

Four years ago, when Barack Obama became president, this country faced a horrendous challenge. The economy was in freefall and jobs were vanishing at the rate of 700,000 a month. It was the worst economic disaster since Herbert Hoover.

Today, jobs are reappearing – despite the Republicans’ best efforts to prevent a recovery. The economy has turned around. Recovery is underway.

But no one could expect the recovery to be complete in just four years – especially with Republicans in Congress frustrating the president’s every productive move. There’s work to be done. The second half is coming up.

In their hearts, Americans must know this.

Chrysler knows it.

Four years ago, when the American automobile industry was written off as dead, when Mitt Romney and his ilk were ready to let General Motors and Chrysler go bankrupt, President Obama came to their rescue. Today, GM is once again the world’s number one car maker, and Chrysler is prospering. The American automobile industry is back on its feet. The nation did not lose the industry’s million-plus jobs.

As the Chrysler ad recognizes, the industry was saved not only by the government but also by the auto workers union. The workers understood the gravity of the crisis and agreed to share in the sacrifices that were necessary. It’s an inspiring story of cooperation for the common good.

And Clint Eastwood told it as only he could tell it. Powerfully.

It’s half-time for Chrysler. It’s half-time for the auto industry.

And it’s half-time for America.

Go team!

Four more years!

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