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Sorry Susan, You’re Confused


890full-susan-sarandonI’ve always found Susan Sarandon (at right) alluring even though Sandra says she has “pop eyes.” And I admire her acting skills. She is very talented. But she appears to be confused about the issues in the coming presidential election.

She seems to believe that either Bernie Sanders or Donald Trump could produce a “revolution” in America. Dream on, Susan. Even if one of these two radicals becomes President, there will be no revolution.

The United States Constitution limits the President’s power. Basically, the Executive Branch is charged with carrying out the laws passed by Congress, and the Supreme Court is the referee that is supposed to make sure he or she doesn’t over reach.

As head of their party, Presidents can shape policies for Congress to adopt. But I don’t think any likely Congress = Democrat or Republican – would go for anything too revolutionary.

Only we the people could create a revolution. And we the people have shown little inclination to do anything of the sort. I suppose it’s because however bad we think we have it, we still have it pretty good compared with the rest of the world.

Besides, Susan, a revolution is not the same as chaos.

Trust me, while Bernie would probably spark a revolution of sorts if he could, Trump would merely create chaos.

No Susan, there will be no second revolution in America, not now and not in the foreseeable future.

The Occupy Wall Street movement came as close as we’re going to get, and compared with the French and Russian revolutions, that was rather mild. No heads rolled. No fat cats were turned out to starve in the snow.

Fortunately, Susan, your pretty head is not going to be chopped off by a guillotine – as it probably would be if there were a real revolution.

But be careful what you wish for.

You’re not a member of the sans culottes. You’re one of the privileged few. Any real revolution would not go well for your kind.

Your best bet is Hillary. She doesn’t promise revolutionary change, she sensibly proposes to make as much of an improvement as she can under the circumstances. And that would be a huge step toward creating a more perfect union – as the Founding Fathers planned it.

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