Sport Stars & DUI…Get a Limo

It seems like every month you hear about a DUI with a sports star. They drive to the club or favorite entertainment spot have a few drinks. They get back in their car  over the legal limit then start to drive. A few weeks ago NFL star Donte Stallworth did just that on South Beach. Unfortunately it ended in the death of a pedestrian. Some argued that the pedestrian was not in the pedestrian crossing so he was “jaywalking”. I think that is besides the point. The bigger crime is the DUI. The bottom line is that Donte Stallworth was drunk. I just don’t understand why these sports stars can’t hire a driver or limo service when they go out at night to have a few drinks. They have the money. I understand wanting to “profile” in the “cool ride” but at the risk of losing it all. I am sure we will be seeing this story play out again and again…

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