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Lady Patra was allegedly assaulted by a man who “boxed’ her in the face after she refused to perform at a show in Minnesota last Friday.”One of the yute dem round the promoter felt that she did a diss the programme and she pick up a loudas from him right at the venue…the promoter never even did know it ah go happen, ah just one ah dem tings de, yuseet,” the source said.  According to sources close to the promoter, Lady Patra had been booked for a show last Friday night in Minnesota alongside Cobra and Fantan Mojah. However, her erratic and unprofessional behaviour during the week of the show reportedly ticked off promoters.

“The promoters had booked a first class ticket for her to fly on Wednesday, but she missed the flight out of Montego Bay. The following day, they booked another flight, this time, an economy ticket and she refused to go saying she wanted to go first class. Finally, on the day of the show, the promoters booked another flight, economy again, and she came,” the source said.

However, when Lady Patra arrived, there was still more drama in the cards.”She demanded more money, even though there had been an signed agreement for US$3,000. The promoters gave her a deposit of US$2,000 and when she came she demanded an additional US$2,000 on the balance that was owed to her, or she would not perform,” the source said.The promoter refused to pay and Lady Patra reportedly carried through on her vow, and failed to perform that night.”I don’t know what her problem is but she was not behaving rationally. I don’t know if is hype these Jamaican artistes are hype, or dem head no good, but dem not professional and dem a mash up the music business,” the source said.Lady Patra is known for her combination hit with Shabba Ranks song, “Family Affair,” which hit #84 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1994. Her solo single, ‘Worker Man’, peaked at #53 later that year on the Hot 100, and reached the Top 20 on the R&B chart and #1 on the U.S. Dance chart. Patra’s second single, “Romantic Call”, also peaked at #55 on the U.S. Billboard chartsShe is also known for the cover of Grace Jones’ “Pull Up to the Bumper” which hit the #60 on the U.S. charts. She had taken a ten year hiatus from the music business in 1996 but re-emerged in 2006 with her third album..


SAXOPHONIST Cedric ‘Im’ Brooks has been removed from life support at the Bronx Labanon Hospital in New York where he was admitted last week Thursday. Brooks, who lives alone in the Bronx, was rushed to that facility where he was diagnosed as suffering from complications following a mild heart attack.

“He has high blood pressure and perhaps he wasn’t following his prescription as he should. Luckily, his daughter got concerned after not getting through to him and asked her brother to go check on him … and then he was found unconscious,” Brooks’ friend and broadcaster Junior Blake told the Observer.

Blake said that the family was keeping hopeful and has been at the hospital round the clock.
“His kids, mother, sister and well-wishers are hoping for the best. He is still not awake but he has yawned and is showing signs of progress,” Blake further explained.

Meanwhile, Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture, Olivia Grange has said that she hopes that the renowned Jamaican saxophonist will recover from the illness that has left him in a coma.


Stakeholders in the local music industry are being urged towards greater professionalism in order to reverse the declining trend in sustainability. Making the call for an higher level of professional conduct in the affairs of the reggae industry, is  Observer’s music columnist, Charles Campbell.
In his presentation of a paper at the recent Reggae International Conference, Campbell’s main focus was on the lack of business approach in the music industry. “Our musicians have to become more professional …Long term, we have to develop a proper professional system of artiste representation encompassing such functions as promotions, distributions and bookings for artistes,” he said.
While pointing out that although the music is still alive in the European market with over 500 ska bands in France alone, he acknowledged that Jamaican musicianship is still miles ahead.


A release from the publicist for international deejay Capleton, states that despite once agin being “the target of the gay community and the organisation GLAAD”, who are reportedly “putting misinformation in the public about the artiste to further their own agendas”, he will continue on the high path with nothing but love in his heart.

According to the publicist, this mission is a direct response to Capleton’s concert and festival bookings in California and Florida this month”They have once again used their strong arm tactics to intimidate concert promoters and venue owners. Capleton is very disappointed that his many fans (that cross all races and creeds) have not been able to see him at his scheduled shows in California this past week. He has performed at the same venues and festivals over the past two years with no incident bringing a message of love for all through Reggae music. The barrage of protest from these groupss unwarranted and has been addressed many times in the media in the past.   The artiste has a forgiving heart for what has been done to him and will continue on the high path,” the release states.

Capleton will be performing this coming Saturday, February 27 in Miami, Florida at the annual Bob Marley Day / Caribbean Festival 2010 and will be featuring his new song, Haitians, in tribute and support to the earthquake victims on the island of Haiti


A drive to garner financial support for Buju Banton’s legal defence is centred on the sales of the official Free Buju T-shirts now on the market.Designed by Doyle Crooks , who designed the majority of the merchandise for Buju’s Gargamel line, the T-shirts have a set of numbers on the front which represent Buju’s Prison number and printed in gold on the back is the statement ‘Free Buju’. The number on the front is 86700-004.

“We opted not to use his image on this T-shirt because we felt that would be exposing  his image in a way that wouldn’t be appropriate in this particular type of situation,” Banton’s publicist Tracii McGregor told Splash.”All the proceeds from the sale of the T-shirts will go towards Buju’s legal defence. It’s a way in which fans can show their support.   Folks from all over the world have been buying the T-shirts from a couple of stores in New York, in Ohio and in Japan,” she explained.

“We’re not focused on demonstration; we are focusing on building a defence.  Our goal is to show who Buju is as an artiste, as a human being and as a humanitarian person.. which is why we’re also now dropping the new single, Optimistic Soul, the video for which is now out also,” said McGregor.

Expressing confidence in Buju’s innocence, McGregor promised that all will soon be revealed and that Banton was in good spirits.”He is doing great, doing a lot of reading and meditation. He is very confident that he is innocent and that he was set up. Buju is no drug dealer,” she said.  The four-time Grammy nominee, whose given name is Mark Anthony Myrie, was arrested on federal drug charges on December 13, 2009, in Miami and has been in custody since.

In the meantime, Banton has grabbed three nominations in the 2010 International Reggae and World Music Awards (IRAWMA). The three categories are Recording Artiste Of The Year, Best Album for Rasta Got Soul, Best Crossover Song for hit collaboration with John Legend, Can’t Be My Lover.

In other Buju Banton music news, the one-off single, Time And A Place (John John), on the Coming In From The Cold riddim has reached #1 on both the New York Top 30 Reggae Chart and South Florida Top 25 Reggae Chart.

The album Rasta Got Soul is currently #2 on both the New York Top 20 Albums Chart and the South Florida Top 15 Albums Chart. The new Optimistic Soul single (plus bonus instrumental) will be released digitally on March 23.


By Nokukhanya Aimienoho

The One Love Reggae Festival will not be held in Swaziland this year. The festival which was launched last year by Makhulu Concerts and Café Lingo will be held in Maputo. However, Café Lingo isn’t involved this year. This was announced by Makhulu Concerts Director Rodger Dunn and confirmed by Café Lingo’s Tanya Aab. Similar to last year, the festival will be held on May 1.

During an interview, Dunn simply said it wouldn’t make business sense to host the festival in the country. “We identified Mozambique as a suitable location for a festival of this nature and magnitude”, Dunn said. Aab agreed with Dunn and said the business community as well as music lovers would be more receptive towards a festival of this scale.

International artists incorporated into the festival’s line-up last year included 340ML, Jah Seed and Admiral, Ras Tony & Maputoland, Word, Sound and Power, Axicundos, Centraline and Short Cirkit amongst others. Multitudes converged at the old Greyhound stadium to witness a musical spectacular.

Music lovers travelled from all over the SADC region to attend the festival. The One Love Reggae Festival was organised against the backdrop of instilling love and unity amongst the people of the region in times of difficulty.

Not only that, it also sought to bring to focus the plight of many orphaned children in the country and their immediate needs for survival. In fulfillment of this quest, 20% of the profits generated from proceeds during the festival were channelled towards All Out Africa Foundation to assist disadvantaged children with their school expenses.

On another note, the Swaziland National Council of Arts & Culture (SNCAC) partnered with Makhulu Concerts and Café Lingo last year. The national arts body’s involvement in the festival was to identify local acts which can be incorporated into the festival’s lineup.

Groups under the Association of Swaziland Theatre Groups (ASTG) and the Swaziland Traditional Music Association (STAMA) were eventually chosen to perform.

The One Love Reggae Festival organisers believe Reggae music is stereotyped in Swaziland.That is just one of the many reasons the organisers felt it would make business sense to host the festival in the kingdom. During an interview, Lingo’s Tanya Aab who was involved in the festival last year noted that securing sponsorship to host the festival last year was an uphill struggle.

“What we noticed is that Reggae music is just stereotyped.  Companies wouldn’t like to associate themselves with a festival of this nature. Perhaps, if it was a Gospel or Jazz festival, we would have gotten a better response”, she said. The stereotypes that exist about Reggae musicians is that they smoke marijuana just to mention a few.

Although, Café Lingo isn’t involved in the festival this year, she further said that Mozambican companies have shown a willingness to come aboard. She added that they had dig into their pockets to host the festival last year.“We made a loss and we didn’t get the support we had anticipated”, she went on to say. Makhulu Concerts Director Rodger Dunn said it was unfortunate that they had to reach this decision but added they were working on hosting a festival of a much smaller scale than the One Love Reggae Festival in 2011 or even 2012.

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