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Still Undecided? Vote for Obama. It Will Make You Feel Good

This is it: The Moment of Truth. If you haven’t voted, you have just hours in which to make history. To me, this is the most historic election ever in America, and one of the most historic elections in the entire world. In my book, it ranks with South Africa’s 1994 election – the first one after Apartheid was defeated.

This is no time for party loyalty or petty prejudices. This is no time for religious bigotry. Tell that “pro-life” Pastor (or Priest) you will follow his orders next time – maybe – but not now, not when we have a chance together to make the kind of history folks tell their grandchildren about. Tell that racist relative that the time of white vs. black is over in America, that we are in the 21st Century now. Tell them that this time you are going to vote for Barack Obama (pictured with his family at one of his rallies, below).

crowdHave you seen the hope in the eyes of those young, post-racial Americans at the Obama rallies? And can you hear the hearts pounding in the African-American community as they dare – for once – to hope? After all they’ve been through, would you deny them their moment in history? Would you stoop to quibble over a few dollars in taxes or the meaning of worn-out labels, or who is prepared to sit down and negotiate with whom when the Greater Good hangs in the balance?

I know, it sounds racist to ask you to vote for a candidate because of his color. But I am not asking you to vote just for Barack Obama, I am asking you to vote for your country. I would not make this plea if I were not confident that Obama has the right stuff to be president. But that’s not why I am pleading for your vote right now. I am pleading for your vote because this is the right candidate at the right time in the right place to change the world.

I won’t argue that you should vote for Obama out of self-interest – although I am convinced that an Obama presidency would mean a better life for us all. I am not asking you to vote as a liberal or a conservative. No matter what brand of politics you prefer, set that aside and vote to make the world a better place. Strike a blow against the artificial perceptions that have tainted our society for so long. Isn’t it time to drive a stake through Jim Crow’s heart and erase the shadows of those nooses that hung amidst the Spanish moss?

Prove that Martin Luther King was prescient when he dreamed that America would one day be a place where people are judged by the content of their character not the color of their skin. Be man or woman enough to break down our shameful color barrier. Like the thousands of Americans of every color who marched with the Civil Rights activists of the Sixties, dare to do your duty. Get up, go to the polls and vote for Barack Obama. It will make you feel good about yourself.

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