Strange that there are more wrong than right reasons to get married!!!

I am reading this article on Marriage and there seem to be more wrong than right reasons to get married. Personally I think some of the reason in the wrong column could go in the right column. What do you think?

Right and Wrong Reasons to Get Married

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Wrong Reasons to Get Married

  1. Want to be free from parents.
  2. To have sex.
  3. To ease loneliness.
  4. To be happy.
  5. To be an adult.
  6. Because of a pregnancy.
  7. He or she loves you.
  8. To save or help someone.
  9. Because you want a baby.
  10. For money.
  11. Because all your friends are married.
  12. You’ve always wanted a fancy wedding.
  13. Out of fear that no one else will want to marry you.
  14. For immigration purposes.

Right Reasons to Get Married

  1. You are in love with one another.
  2. A desire to share your life with another.
  3. To have a lifetime companion.
  4. Realistic expectations.
  5. Willingness to help one another fulfill their own needs and dreams.

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