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Summer Holiday Is Here!!!!

Summer is here and schools are on summer break so what do you do with those kids??? There are a number of summer programs that are available. Below is a list of some:

1. All schools have summer programs. So you can check out the program at your school to see if it suits your needs.

2. Edna Manley does have a wide variety of programs available from 4 years old and up. Its hard not to find one that will suit you. Based on experience though, pick up in the afternoons can take a while as there is one way in one way out. So if you are leaving work to pick up to get back to work be prepared.

3. The YMCA’s usually offer some swimming programs in the Summer

4.  Ballaz International: Have summer programs as well as Football- Player Development Saturday Morning Programmes; 876-527-2255; [email protected]

5. Kids & Teen Photography Day Camp – The summer school is tailored for photography enthusiast or just pre-teen and teens who love to take pics but want the pics to look great.  It will involve lessons on learning the camera and all its controls,  exposures, framing or composition etc. Lots of exciting lessons, lots of shoots and portfolio building and some outdoor field trips excursions. It will be from July 2-20 Mon-Thursdays 9-1 at Calling The Shots studio at 2 Grove Manor Mews. Its $6000 per week. Our number is 876-8683131for more information.

6.  Check this link for a list of summer programs available in Jamaica

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