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PodcastJust in case you thought we were idling away the past few weeks, I’ve just published three podcasts that we had produced but were waiting to release.

What were we waiting on???

Well, maybe you weren’t getting any podcasts, but we have been busy producing a pilot episode for television here in Jamaica (that will also ultimately be streamed abroad). Today, I had a meeting with some television execs and they loved what they saw! (You all could’ve told them that right??) :}

So what’s the next step?

Truth is, the production of the podcasts has been a labour of love for all involved, and studio time, hosting and other expenses have been made possible by personal finances. For the pilot, I was even able to get the video and editing team to all give of their time and effort, with the hope that they will be rewarded once we go mainstream and are able to earn. Of course, this can’t continue to be the case, and that’s where you guys come in.

We’re gonna have to do a little more work to get the programme fully ready for television, and to produce it over the long-term so that you to continue to enjoy the Yaadinfo Podcast every week. In order to do this, we need to meet a budget…in other words, wi need some money!


Over the past year we have amassed thousands of listeners, who no doubt appreciate the production and value of what we do week-in, week-out. Now we call upon our faithful following who are able (yes, we know things are a little tough everywhere, so we don’t take it for granted) to make a contribution towards the survival of the show.

We need your help, by way of financial donations, to produce a show according to television requirements, and put us on a firm footing until sponsors come aboard.

Make or break time folks!

We ask that you visit our PayPal Tab here – PAYPAL LINK – and make a contribution of US$50 or US$100 (or more if you can! We’d be grateful). BTW, if you happen to arrive at a page that’s in Spanish, don’t worry. The name of the company is Tech2Go and over to the right of the company name (top right of page) there is an option to change from Espanol to English. Yeah, had us wondering too.

So folks, the future of the podcast is in your hands. Whether or not we are able to continue producing is up to you now. Looking forward to your support.


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