‘Team Jamaica’ makes us all bigger and better as one

The following excerpt is from a speech made on the final day of the Team Jamaica course which ended June 4, by Anthea:
May I recognize the presence of our trainers and organizers, and judges who made us more complete as Jamaicans.
The Team Jamaica Programme promotes the reality that “Together everyone achieves more,” and I’ll add FOR JAMAICA.
I will do a brief overview. How does it enhances the delivery of our professional services? Please see more in the Team Jamaica pullout of the Dear Jamaican tabloid.

A few students do a 'One Love' pose on Jamaica Day!

In 1996, after several disconcerts surfaced within the industry such as visitor harassment, one Jamaican, Mr Horace Peterkin, dared to come up with a solution. The Team Jamaica Advisory Council was formed and training of skills began in 1996. The programme fully developed by the Tourism Product Development Company (TPDCo) was officially launched in 1997. The Team Member training is the first certification level of the Team Jamaica training.

I participated in the weekend Team Member training held mainly at Knutsford Court hotel, from May 13 to June 4, 2011. It was fun and the team did achieve a lot together and grew more hospitable. Hospitality, above all, is critical in the delivery of any professional service from being a lawyer, politician to a room attendant.
After four modules we know Knowledge is indeed power. The training was made interesting with power point presentations and activities.
You can only imagine just how proud we feel being better equipped to speak about our country – it’s people, history, folklore, beliefs, language, culture, food, entertainment, music, dance, flora, fauna, environment. We also confidently share on our attractions and events, achievers and achievements, show a dance step or two, share about Jamaican proverbs and riddles.
There were also lessons on police community relations, self-development and self esteem, customer service. All this empowers all professional service providers, but especially within the tourism industry to deliver better. The list of providers include tour representatives, hotel employees like entertainment co-ordinators, custom officers, airline personnel, craft traders, attraction employees. Please see more in the pullout.
The tourism product is a combo of experience and memories, I now can help to create with an enthusiastic attitude. Fellow tourism workers, this training gives the knowledge of the tourists, how they see us and why they come to Jamaica as being among the best tools of a professional service provider. It makes you understand other workers as being Jamaican team-players in delivering services for visitors whether international, regional or domestic. This inspires me most in the delivery of my package of offering souvenir art.

Taking a leaf from our presenters, we are more confident, as we prioritise the needs of each tourist – the customer. Thanks Mr Oneil Thomas for those dance lessons and clarity on our culture and environment, Thanks Ms Charmaine Henry we are better customer service providers. Ms Shirley Lindo thanks for assisting us to develop our self esteem. Mr Charles Cross thanks for that trip through our history. Corporal Winston Harris thanks for training our watchful eye and Ms Maureen Aarons we are no more dryland tourist thanks to you, but Jamaicans knowledgeable about exciting attraction spots.

Mr Oneil Thomas monitors the demonstration of Jamaican dance taught as part of the Team Jamaica training (Team Member course May 13-June 4). The demonstration is being done by Craig Green and Kelleye-Jean Barnaby on Jamaica Day. ANTHEA McGIBBON PHOTO.

As an arts and culture Journalist, I am equipped to share more accurate information, and to foster better relationships, visitor awareness and interest. Now we know how much each Jamaican is a walking advertisement of who we are collectively. We will show how tallawah we are as creative Jamaicans, full of love, strength, talent and plenty achievements to share regardless of one’s reason for coming. Some come for nonobligatory reasons such as leisure, health, and some must come for family, friends, ceremonies, special missions, trade. As one team we offer various types tourism such as business, eco, culture, community.
We are a rounded Team Jamaica – “Together Everyone Achieves More” ensuring that “When tourist come they know,” and gain unique memories from experience.

Please see Team Jamaica pullout where Team Member graduates share briefly, and photographs testify of the fun we had learning how better to serve this dynamic tourism industry. As a special bonus, please see my song “Team Jamaica Journey Fi Betta.” Let’s sing the verse verse together to the tune of Mek mi tell bout the story of the blessed virgin Mary! 1,2,3 and ….. sing along!
Walk good together!

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