Technology is letting the ‘puss’ out of the bag..Jackets


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Last week the Jamaica news media reported there is a high number of men wearing “jackets” in Jamaica. If you are not familiar with the term it basically means a woman “tagging” you as the father of their child when she may know you are not. Hence you are wearing another man’s jacket. In a DNA test study which started in 2002 found that 33% of the men in Jamaica are ‘fathering’ children that are no there own.

Now the tendency is to blame the women for this. I say it takes two to tango. Actually in this case it take 3. Or is it more like four. In my life time I have seen cases where the child looks clearly like the other “man”. Everyone in the community knows it. Even the relatives of the other man. It is kept secret from the man wearing the jacket. Or so we think. In some cases these men know the child is not their own but love the woman so much they are willing to wear the jacket. In other cases it may be out of guilt for his affairs. Technology is “letting to puss out of the bag” about something that may be known in some cases.

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