Tessanne Chin is NBC “The Voice” winner…Her “voice” started an organized movement of Jamaican Worldwide…

Tessanne Chin 2013 "The Voice" Winner

Congrats to Tessanne Chin the winner of the 2013 NBC  “The Voice”.  A very talented performer that deserved to win. What may have been missed is that Tessanne’s journey to “The Voice” finals started an organized movement amongst Jamaican & Caribbean people worldwide like never seen before. Yes there is the Olympics and World Championships but we do not directly affect the outcome.  This movement pushed people to vote which had a direct effect on the outcome. Worldwide the “movement”  held watch & twitter parties where they mobilized others to vote. With the help of social media this movement grew and it seems like every Jamaican was a part of #teamtessanne.  The “movement” mobilized people to vote using press releases, images, facebook groups and phone campaigns. Nothing beats an organized movement and Tessanne Chin was the glue. She united Jamaicans worldwide. The question is..Can this movement be harnessed again to do greater things for Jamaica , Jamaicans and the Caribbean…How about pushing immigration reform in the USA or maybe getting the bad roads Tessanne mentioned fixed…Again Congrats Tessanne and thanks for being the voice that started a movement…

PS: There were many people behind th scenes of the “movement” but special thanks to Deika Morrison, Marlon Hill, Dutty Berry and June Minto. Tireless workers for #teamtessanne. Apologies if we forgot anyone.


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