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Gary Johnson? Don’t be Silly!

johnsonIn a saner time, nobody would recognize the name Gary Johnson. This guy is notable only for his proposal to legalize marijuana. Yes, he was governor of New Mexico but Rick Scott has been elected and reelected governor of Florida, so what does that tell you?

(It tells me that anyone can be a governor in America – anyone, even a chiseler who paid a billion-dollar fine for defrauding Medicare.)

Johnson drew a blank – remember? – when he was asked on MSNBC’s Morning Joe what he thought of Aleppo. And when Chris Matthews asked him what foreign leader he admired, he couldn’t recall the name of any foreign leader. So much for his foreign policy credibility.

As for his domestic policies, all you can say for him is that he favors legalization of weed. He also proposes getting rid of just about all gun control laws, when anyone with half a brain would be yelling for more control to stem America’s blood bath.

It doesn’t surprise me when Republicans support this guy. Republicans support some strange birds (I’m sure I don’t have to give examples). And Johnson was a Republican before he saw an opportunity to get the Libertarian nomination.

But when young voters – the Bernie crowd – say they’re going to vote for him, I am stunned.

Hey guys, you can legally get your weed in several states now. And momentum for state legalization is snowballing across the nation. Federal legalization is getting less urgent by the minute.

And think of the price America would pay for Johnson’s marijuana legalization – more gun violence, an irresponsible, know-nothing foreign policy, free rein for corporate robber barons and total shredding of the social safety net.

We’re talking economic collapse and global chaos here.

And you Milennials would be among the hardest hit. You think the Republicans in Congress chastised your generation with whips? A Johnson regime would chastise you with scorpions!

Fortunately for you – and the rest of us – Johnson doesn’t stand any chance of becoming President. He’s polling in single digits as I write this.

So don’t throw away your vote out of childish spite.

If you have any regard for your future – for your country’s future – you will forget about Gary Johnson and go vote for Hillary.

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