the Art of living a long life

100_birthday.jpgMore people are reaching that 100th birthday than ever before. My grandmother passed on not too long ago and was just over a year short of the century mark and was in very good health until near the end. A remarkable achievement considering her humble beginnings. We still have not figured out her secret, however. She never drank eight glasses of water per day or worked out; she followed no special diet; or did any of the numerous things we are told to do today.

She lived in the same place in St. Ann her whole life. She knew a lot of people, had a good sense of humor, went to church often and was very outspoken.

Maybe without realizing it she was on the caloric restriction (CR) diet.  She ate sparingly and took her time eating.  A habit she probably developed from the lean years in her early life. Now scientists are telling us that experiments in the lab show that animals that are fed half the normal calories or their species live considerably longer than those fed the regular amount of calories and  humans could live extended periods if put on such a diet.  Some people have joined the experiment by embracing this CR diet.  How long will they live? The verdict is still out.  But even if they were to live a very long life, would it be really be any fun when depriving yourself of so much?

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