The assumption that Democrats cannot be prejudice!!!

I am hoping people are paying attention to the Democratic primary’s exit polls. In many of the southern states white Democrats are saying race played a role in how they voted.  Does it mean all of these white folks are racist probably not. However some of them probably are. This brings me to the point. Why is it that black people are suprised when you tell them that their are Democrats that may be racist? I think the Election Primary is showing that the Democratic party (like the Republicans) have a long way to go when it comes to race. Hillary Clinton will not blatantly say it but she clearly believes that Barack cannot win because he is black. She tried to convey her true feelings when she said she can “win” the blue collar white voters. The bottom line is no party is prejudiced free. Black voters give approximately 90% of their vote to the Democrats assuming that it is a “prejudice free” party.

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