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The beam in their eyes

I have been watching the media, I must admit with some amusement as they fall all over themselves to use the anniversary of the assassination of Dr. King this past week, to say something about the state of race relations in America.  I wonder if all these talking heads have stopped to take a long hard look in their own backyard and ask themselves why aside from Oprah who owns her show, an appearance by Soledad O’Brien, or Lester Holt hosting the news on the weekend, there is not one person of color or even another minority hosting a news show on television.

Could it be that we are still such political neophytes that we are not capable of handing complex issues such as politics or policies.  Or could it be that it all boils down to job security, after all acknowledging the disparity exists  means it will have to be addressed and that could mean accepting the idea that there is after all someone equally qualified to do a  job that traditionally has gone to a specific demographic.  I have to admit I am not all that impressed with the media and don’t see that I will be until I see faces and voices that truly represent America and that for me could start with them taking the beam out of their own eye.

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