The Best Men Cry

I am sure many of you who avidly follow the Jamaican news heard about  the former Minister of State in the Ministry of Investment, Technology, Energy and Commerce (MITEC), Kern Spencer (PNP) crying in Parliament over the “Cuban Bulb” scandal.  Based on the Gleaner news story it seems his colleagues were telling him to “defend himself and man up” (they did not use those words).  The discussion has now started about a grown man crying and him being weak.  In an “ultra-macho” society like Jamaica this behavior is un-acceptable to some and may even be ridiculed (See the Jamaican Observer Carton).

Should a grown man be ridiculed for crying. No. It think this show of emotion can help to show the sensitive side of man. The side the many women claim we don’t have. Should men cry often to get sympathy…no. However an occasion cry can earn some “bulla points”.  I have to admit that the water has welled in my eyes on a few occasions when something tugs at my heart.  Most recently I watched the show on ABC where the re-build a homes for a family. My heart tugged and a tear fell out my eye. It was just too much watching how thankful they were for the new home.  Now you have to ask my wife and daughters if I am less of a man. I think the best men cry…

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