Jamaica verandah

The boogeyman in the corner.

Hillary Clinton and her surrogates have lately begun dropping hints that she is staying in the race because they have access to some disastrous information in Senator Obama’s closet that will emerge as an “October surprise” that will totally destroy his run for the White House. 

My question is, if she did indeed have access to any information, (which for the record I don’t believe for a second) if she considers herself a patriot and champion of the people, wouldn’t it be prudent thing to meet with Howard Dean, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and members of the Congressional Black Caucus (so her actions wouldn’t be perceived as having any racial overtones) and lay her concerns out to them.  This group could then meet with Senator Obama and provide him with an opportunity to explain the information, or at the very least provide him with a noble way to exit the race, while sparing the party any potential election disaster.  Wouldn’t this be the decent thing to do?  

The fact that Hillary has not chosen this route reminds me of the Spike Lee commercial “You got nothing!”  What it appears she has learned very well is, when in doubt take a page from the Republican handbook and play the fear card, she should be ashamed.

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