George Graham

The Centrist Myth



Judging from the polls, most people consider themselves “moderates.” In their minds, they occupy the sensible center, neither too far left nor too far right. And I bet they have no idea what they’re talking about.

I have news for them. There is no sensible center. You’re either right or wrong.

Where is the center between robbing a bank and  not robbing a bank? How do you compromise between beating up an old lady and taking her lunch money and letting her go about her business in peace?

It’s obvious to me that Republican policies are just plain wrong.

It is wrong to siphon the nation’s wealth to the top 1 percent and choke off aid to poor families. It is wrong to foment conflict in faraway places so that arms manufacturers can become ever more wealthy. It is wrong to  use medieval mythology to deprive women and minorities of their civil rights.

That’s why Americans need Elizabeth Warren.

She does not pretend to be in the center. She is on the side of justice and decency. And she doesn’t care who knows it.

Senator Warren’s populist message is finding an audience across America. She is smart enough to figure out how the elites are taking ordinary Americans  to the cleaners, and she is brave enough to tell the story from the rooftops.

She is also tough enough to be able to fix it.

Of course, when you take black-and-white positions, you will find a lot of people who disagree with you on this or that. And she concedes these disagreements exist. But she dismisses them as less important than the main issue: Americans are being robbed and should do something about it.

Do what? Elect more politicians who will not compromise with the looters.

It’s a message that’s resonating across the land. And we might see the effect in November’s elections – and beyond.

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